Swamped Chapter 142 Page 7

The cloth is bulky, but not especially heavy. Too heavy to throw, sure, but not much trouble to lift. If you had some sort of pulley, say, you could bring it up pretty easily.

“Found something!” one of the searchers calls out suddenly. “Wait, never mind, it’s just some kind of wheel.” He tosses it aside.

But you can see, even from here, that it’s a pulley wheel. How about that. Maybe it was used to bring this thing up in the first place.

Luckily, nobody else seems to give much thought to what the wheel could be for. They move away long enough for you to grab it, and then slip over to the tower. You can find some string lying in the ground, and the bottom wheel of the pulley attached to one of the tower’s legs.

Hmm. It’d take some work to get this fully operational. Then a quicker idea strikes you – you thread the string through the wheels, and tie the cloth to it. Then you grab the loose wheel and carry it up the ladder. When you reach the top, you turn the wheel and the cloth comes up to you.

Now for the tricky part – the actual jump. You get your arms through the appropriate spots in the cloth, and ready yourself.

It takes a few breaths to calm yourself down, and then you just go for it, leaping towards the grocer’s. You feel yourself drifting, and slowly falling. You land on the roof without incident.

But once you land, you hear something strange.

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