Swamped Chapter 142 Page 6

Your first thought is to throw something at it, but that would definitely make noise. Plus, you can’t really tell from here how tightly it’s lodged in there. Your best bet is to get up high yourself.

You’re no expert climber, but there’s a ladder leading up the water tower. It’s fixed in place, though, and there’s a good deal of space between the tower and the rest of the buildings. You’d need a way to cross that gap.

Well… Minnie did tell you about a neat trick the troupe performed outdoors once. It involved using a big piece of cloth to slow down the air and jump from a high place safely. And as it turns out, there’s a rather large piece of cloth in a nearby trash box.

Suspiciously large, in fact. And tied in an odd way, with a couple of loops you could fit your arms into. Almost makes you think someone used it for the exact purpose you’re thinking of, then discarded it. Could explain how the thing got up there in the first place, though not how the process went unnoticed.

And now that you’ve seen just how big it is, you realize that taking it up the ladder won’t be that simple. But then again, if your hunch is right, then whoever used it before must have found a way. Maybe you can find some clue to that.

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