Swamped Chapter 127 Page 4

There’s a shield. A very polished iron one. It’s just lying around, and you can see something reflected in it.

It’s too dark to really make anything out clearly, but you’re fairly sure you see the shape of someone crouching on the floor. No sign of a weapon, though. Most likely, if they make a move, it’ll be to tackle you. Or perhaps attempt to run past under cover of darkness… but if that were it, why not go for the back door?

Well. No sense making yourself an easy target. You duck down yourself as you head inside.

Something bounces off the shield, right towards you. They must have spotted you in the reflection the same way you saw them. But you manage to catch whatever it is…

Hmm. Looks like mistflowers. So they wanted to be sure you were distracted. Well, might as well turn that around on them. You toss the mistflowers over to where you’d guess the figure is, and it seems they don’t have your reflexes. Or a mask, judging by the sudden coughing fit.

You slip into the fog, keeping very low. You manage to spot someone, and grab them. When the mist clears, you can see who it is…

A grebling. Who, you can’t help but notice, is missing a tail.

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Ask them what they’re doing here