Swamped Chapter 97 Page 6

You take one of your gloves off. This is always harder than it ought to be, just because they attach tightly so they don’t slip off in the muck.

Of course, just waving an empty glove around and hoping the fly goes into it isn’t going to be very effective. You’ll have to chase the blasted thing down.

Unfortunately, it’s been a good while since you had to deal with a regular old fly, let alone one this fast. And back in the swamp, catching murderflies was never considered a good idea. If one got into the fortress, you chased it out. You didn’t swat it if you had a choice, since that would leave their toxic blood lying around.

So you don’t really have a better idea than running after it and trying to get it into your glove. But that doesn’t go very well. Although, you do notice that it seems to be circling around, rather than actually trying to go anywhere. Could mean something.

The wizard isn’t doing much better, it seems. He’s just staying still, trying to hit the fly with his staff when it gets near. If you just keep running like this, he’ll probably end up hitting you.

There’s got to be a better way of doing this.

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Well, since the chicken foot seemed to discombobulate it, tell the wizard to make bird noises instead of waving that thing around