Swamped Chapter 97 Page 5

You wonder for a moment if it’s chasing magic, but then you remember you’ve got time magic surrounding you and an illusion on top of that. So if it is deliberately going after the wizard, it’s either smart enough to identify him, or it’s being guided by someone who is. However that works.

You can’t see much of a way to use that. And your fists don’t seem like they’d do much good. Hells, most conventional weapons would have trouble with a creature like that.

So you opt for something a little less conventional, and fling the severed chicken’s foot at the thing.

You didn’t really have any particular expectations for what would happen next. At best you were hoping to provoke it and give the wizard a chance to cast something else.

You certainly weren’t expecting the whole pile of bugs to collapse, save for one tiny, fast-moving fly. It’s buzzing wildly. More to the point, it’s clearly alive. You reflexively try to catch it between your hands, but it’s much too fast for that.

That said, it’s also moving very erratically. Like it’s having trouble settling on its path. For a brief moment, you wonder if it’s hearing bird noises and panicking.

“Catch it!” the wizard shouts. He waves his staff ineffectively. “Don’t worry about how much force you’re using, it’s got a potent protection spell on it. But we need to contain it.”

A fly with a protection spell, that was somehow controlling a pile of dead insects? You have no idea what to even make of that.

What you do know is, it won’t be easy to catch the blasted thing with how fast it’s moving.

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Can you use your breather mask or some other piece of your armor to scoop it?