Swamped Chapter 97 Page 2

You decide to focus on the thing that’s most likely to come up soon.

“There was a weird pile of dead bugs in the room with the symbol, by the way. It had a vaguely human shape. It was unsettling, and I think it might even be able to move.”

The wizard frowns.

“Are you basing that on anything?”

“There was a hammer near it, and there was a smashed bell. I guess somebody might have smashed the bell and put the hammer near the bugs, but that raises the question of how they even got in there. The kids didn’t recognize it, and it’d take quite some time to put dead bugs together like that.”

“I suppose it could be some kind of golem, but the choice of material is strange. Certainly it would be disturbing to look at, but golems are rare enough that most people would be unsettled even by a wood golem. Then again, we have a number of sailors who are quite large and muscular, so they might not be as intimidated by a ten-foot moving woodpile.” He pauses as he approaches the stairs. “I’m only detecting a fairly small amount of ether outside of the symbol, though. That’s odd. Perhaps I’ll understand it better once I see it for myself.”

As he heads down, and you follow, you wonder if you should ask another question, or just wait until that bug-thing is dealt with.

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