Swamped Chapter 96 Page 12

It looks like a mass of bugs. Dead bugs, at that. They’ve somehow formed a vaguely human shape, but it’s not moving. Just standing there.

Didn’t the medic say you might have been exposed to glaxin? Maybe the hallucinations are finally kicking in. Hells, maybe the symbol’s a figment of your imagination too.

On the other hand, you’re apparently seventeen years in the past, on a ship with Bigfoot and Carma and your runaway father and gods know who else you might recognize. Nothing here is nearly as unlikely as that. Maybe the officer in this room just has some weird ideas about art.

Yeah. That would be a real comforting explanation if it were true. But you see the bell on the wall, specifically the one that’s been smashed. And you see the hammer just a few inches away from the mass of dead bugs. You don’t know what in the hells that thing is, but you definitely don’t want to turn your back on it. And you don’t want to leave it alone with these children, either.

But if you wake up the children, they might panic and things could get out of hand. Though they seem to be sleeping pretty deeply, considering they don’t seem to mind when their bed floats up to the ceiling.

Oddly enough, the mass of bugs seems completely unaffected by whatever’s pushing the ship around. Weird. You don’t know what to make of that.

Well, best to figure out what you’re doing, and do it quickly.

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Maybe this is actually a good time to panic. Alert the children.