Swamped Chapter 96 Page 8

“Did you hear a bird just now too, or am I imagining things?” he asks.

You didn’t… but you do a moment after he asks. Not just any bird, though – a crow.

You were thinking not that long ago that messenger crows shouldn’t be in common use yet. So that makes the noise even weirder – why would a crow be all the way out here otherwise?

While you’re puzzling over that, though, Resk seems even more confused.

“And now it’s gone quiet,” he mutters. “Am I going mad?”

“Perhaps not, sir,” you reply. “What sort of bird would you say it was?”

“A seagull. Why?”

Now that’s really confusing you.

“Because since you asked me about it, I’ve been hearing a crow. Wondering if it’s some kind of magic and you passed it on to me by asking.”

“Magic,” he grumbles. “I’m not in a mood to deal with magic. And things seem under control now, so why don’t you go back up and have a word with Wiz about it?”

You suppose that might be for the best. But before you can reply, the crow noises start getting louder. Loud enough that it’s a bit painful.

You’re struggling to think amidst the increasing noise, but your instincts are telling you that the cause is somebody here. Maybe even somebody you can’t see.

Would be nice if you could figure out where that person is, and maybe get them to stop it.

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Start frisking the cultists. Maybe one of them is just faking unconsciousness, or maybe one has a magical item or something that’s making the noise. A dead man’s switch?