Swamped Chapter 96 Page 4

The room shakes violently.

“We’ve been hit!” someone shouts. “And it felt real close!”

“Looks like it struck two levels down,” somebody else calls out. Seems they ran to a window. “Maybe they were aiming for us and undershot. Might be good to move, in any case.”

Two levels down? Hold on a minute.

“There were some sailors chanting two levels down,” you say. “I think they’re a cult of some sort. They might have taken the hit. Even if they didn’t, they’ve basically taken over that level as things stand.”

There’s some murmuring.

“Look, we may not be that young any more, but it’s not as if we don’t know how to fight,” Resk says. “I suggest we head down and take care of this matter ourselves. Not like we have a good way to relay orders if he’s right about this cult.”

“Afraid I can’t go,” Wiz says. “Not unless you want me to drop the barrier around the bridge entirely, and it’ll take time to gather enough mana to cast a new one.”

“In that case, we’d best handle this quickly,” Resk replies. “Assuming the captain approves, of course.”

“Don’t see much choice,” the captain grumbles. “But I’ll have to stay here, and I may need a few more hands available.”

“I should be able to help out, as long as it doesn’t involve heavy physical labor,” says the wizard. “Maintaining the spell is a lot easier than casting it.”

“Hmm. Should cover most of it.” The captain glances around. “One more person here should do it.” His gaze settles on you for a while. “Not our flaming messenger, he’s probably better served showing you lot where to go. So who else stays behind…”

Something about the way he’s asking makes you feel like he wants a suggestion from you. But you don’t really know who any of these officers are. Though you suppose you could point at someone who doesn’t look particularly suited for fighting.

Does anyone you see strike you as better served staying here?

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The gal with the cane, perhaps?