Swamped Chapter 96 Page 2

“…the Rider of the Swamp?”

It takes you a moment to recover from the shock. What do these people want to know about Rider?

“Well, I can tell you he exists. Beyond that, I’m not sure what you’re looking for.”

The serious-looking man standing near the captain speaks up.

“I can’t say as to what Wiz is looking for, but before I go arresting the warden and the cook on your say-so, I want proof that your word is worth anything.”

“If he can answer one particular question about the Rider, I will be satisfied with his honesty,” the wizard interjects.

“Better be a good question, then. You’re a support officer, not command. So what’s good enough for you might not be good enough for me.”

Oof, this is going to be rough, isn’t it. You decide to speak up.

“We can handle that after he asks his question, right?”

“True enough,” says the serious-looking man. “Go ahead, then, Wiz.”

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What language does he speak?