Swamped Chapter 95 Page 4

You can’t see much from here, even through the doorway. You could get closer, but that might draw suspicion.

Easiest way to avoid attention is to go towards the ammunition. Since you’re not carrying anything, it’ll be assumed that you’re going to grab some. Maybe you’ll overhear something or find a chance to look outside on the way.

You walk towards a couple of ammunition-carriers, and keep going the way they came from, walking as quickly as you can.

Maybe you can even carry this charade far enough to bring a handful of this stuff outside… but you get a real bad feeling at the thought of that. You opt to listen to your gut, at least for now.

You turn a corner and spot a window in a dead end – or do sailors call it something else? Well, it might be good for grabbing a glance. You walk over; if anyone asks you’ll just say you thought you spotted something and wanted to check on it.

You look out the window, and see something very surprising.

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A grebling?