Swamped Chapter 95 Page 3

You’re certainly curious, but you can’t help but feel it’s safest to just find a way back to your own time and let fate settle what happens to the people here. And that means finding the wizard. So you continue upwards.

There’s a large doorway here that leads out to the deck. You see a bunch of sailors running around carrying piles of arrows and crossbow bolts. Must be fighting back with archers, and they’re probably firing a lot if they need that much ammunition.

If you go looking around outside, you might get a sense of where the bridge is. But you’ve also got no idea how dangerous it is out there. Are the pirates shooting back?

Well, nobody’s rushing back or calling for help, so maybe not. Still, you feel a little uneasy about going outside. You’re not sure why; maybe it’s just a gut feeling.

You suppose the bridge could be up above you. But on the other hand, if it isn’t it’s likely on the other side of the ship. You don’t know enough about how ships of this size are usually laid out to say for sure.

You suppose you could listen in again. But everyone’s busy here. If you don’t look busy yourself, that may draw suspicion.

So what’s your next move?

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It’d be good if you could scope out the situation out there, but if your gut is telling you to be cautious you’d better trust it. Maybe there’s a porthole you can look out. Go the direction the ammunition is coming from and keep your eyes and ears open!