Swamped Chapter 95 Page 1

Well. The easiest way to find the bridge is probably to follow someone else there. If the fight’s still going on, somebody’s going to have to contact the officers at some point.

Which means that what you want to do is get closer to the action. Onto the deck, probably. Maybe you can even figure out from the layout where the bridge is, though you don’t know much about ships so that’s a little doubtful.

Finding the deck, on the other hand, should be pretty easy. Just keep heading up stairs, and you’ll either reach it or see a window that overlooks it. So you start by climbing the nearest staircase.

There seem to be more sailors here. Whatever happens in this portion of the ship must be more important during an attack. You opt to hang back and listen in on the chatter for a bit, just to get a sense of what’s happening.

So what are these sailors talking about?

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They’re discussing the weather!