Swamped Chapter 94 Page 17

Maybe you can confuse her about what side you’re on. You haven’t actually said much.

“I mean, the pirates don’t seem to be doing too well,” you say. Not that you have any real idea if that’s true. “So I came here to see what you would have us do next.”

She definitely seems baffled.

“Wait, are you working for us? Who are you?”

You toss off the bedsheet.

“You’ve been here, what, six months? You can’t be that surprised that there are some new recruits in that time. I was just going around like this to avoid drawing attention from the crew.”

“I thought we weren’t ready to infiltrate the Marshguards,” Carma grumbles. “And you still haven’t explained the time magic!”

“I dunno. I’m a spy, not a mage. And I’m not really filled in on all the details, just enough to know how to do my job. Seems they’re struggling, though, since they had to drag me in for messenger duty and I didn’t even have time to get changed.”

She’s clearly suspicious, but you’ve also got her worried.

“Prove it,” she says. “What’s my real name?”

“Carma,” you reply.

From the looks of it, she really wasn’t expecting you to get that question.

“Damn,” she mutters. “So the pirates aren’t enough? Even with everything we gave them? Then I suppose we’ll have to get truly desperate.”

Uh-oh. You may have just made things worse.

“No, it’s not that bad yet,” you say. “They think the pirates can handle this if they just have a little help.”

Carma frowns.

“Then why contact me? If it is not that serious, they should be able to handle this without compromising my position.”

Well, damn. You should probably come up with an answer to that quick.

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