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“The warden,” she continues. “We mostly use the brig for disciplinary measures, since we weren’t expecting to run into anyone all the way out here. And in an emergency, usually we need the manpower. So she lets everyone out and then doesn’t have any particular duties until the emergency’s passed. Even if we captured a pirate, there wouldn’t be a lot to do with them right away.”

“And the brig is where?”

She gives you a bemused look.

“I, ah, haven’t had to go there before,” you explain. It’s technically true.

“Three doors down to the left. Bad idea to keep the brig and the infirmary too far away from each other, never know when you’ll have to move someone between them.”

“Right. Thanks.”

You leave her alone, and step out again. Your sheet should give you a little more anonymity than your armor. Even if you run into someone else you recognize, they probably shouldn’t know you yet and probably won’t make anything out of the resemblance later on.

Fortunately, everyone is too busy rushing around doing whatever needs to be done to fight off pirates to pay you much attention. Then again, maybe that’s not so fortunate.

Regardless, you open the door to the brig and hope that the warden isn’t someone else you recognize. Even if you can probably handle it, you don’t want to look too surprised. You step in and see her sitting behind a desk, reading.

“Excuse me,” you say. “I’d like to ask something quickly…”

“Allow me to ask first,” she says, standing up and putting down the book. “Why are you surrounded by time magic?”

Oh hells. Now that you’ve got a better look, you recognize her. It’s Carma.

What do you do?

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Oh snap!

Carma (in the past) can sense time magic? And it’s entirely possible future Carma knocked you out with a slicer before you woke up on this ship. Is it possible that future Carma intentionally sent you here using time magic? Are you supposed to deliver a message, or was she just trying to dispose of you? Or is it all a big mistake?

Ask her if she’s met anyone surrounded by this type of magic before.