Swamped Chapter 94 Page 13

Well. Your uniform is a bit inconvenient to get off – which is probably why they didn’t take it off while you were unconscious – and you’re not wearing much under it. But you could put something on over it.

You slip back to your own bed and grab a sheet, then drape it over your shoulders. Hopefully now you look like someone who’s sick, not a soldier. Not like you can really check in a mirror right now.

You head over to the woman’s curtain. You poke your head in.

“Excuse me,” you begin. “I’ve got a bit of a problem.”

“Who doesn’t,” she grumbles at you. “I just got clubbed in the head by someone I thought I could trust, so pardon me if I ain’t my best self right now.”

“Well, the medic seems to have left, and I don’t know who else to ask. Someone was shouting about pirates, and, well, I’m wondering what’s going on.”

“We’re under attack by pirates, presumably,” she shrugs. “Either that or someone’s trying to cause a stir, in which case they’ll be in deep trouble. But the pirates probably ain’t comin’ in here, they probably want supplies or…” She pauses. “Now hang on a minute, what would pirates be doing all the way out here. We’re the only ship that’s come out this far in an age. Hardly a good route for piracy.”

“That’s what I was wondering,” you say. “Best guess I have is that this is their territory. I was hoping to suggest that to the officers, but, ah. I don’t know how to go about doing that. Especially as the medic isn’t around.”

“What do you mean? We’ve been sailin’ six months, how do you not know how things work around here?”

“I’d rather not get into that right now.”

She looks skeptical, but then shrugs.

“Well, if there really are pirates, it’ll be an emergency situation. Most of the officers are going to be busy. If we got something more mundane that still can’t wait, usually what we do is contact the support officers. Well, Donnie tends to have his hands full, but I’m talking people like the navigator, the quartermaster, the cook… Oh, wait, the navigator’s sick and the cook’s been acting weird.”

“So, the quartermaster then?” you ask.

“Well… if the pirates have boarded, then she’ll have her hands full protecting the supplies. Wouldn’t be safe.” She pauses. “Oh, hold on, think I know who you should talk to. Not even that far off from here.”

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The wardress. Can you find your way to the brig?