Swamped Chapter 94 Page 12

You’re not ready for this.

You don’t have any idea what’s going to happen if you go talking with someone your past self is going to meet later. Besides, she doesn’t sound like she’s doing too great right now. There’s still a few other patients to look in, so best to do that rather than squander too much valuable time worrying about causality.

It’s almost a relief when you don’t recognize the next patient at all. He’s a large fellow, and he’s snoring. Well, there’s a difference between being asleep and being knocked unconscious, so you might have to consider him. You move on for the moment, though.

Oh dear. The next one is awake, but he’s thrashing wildly. He’s a skinny fellow for a sailor, and it looks like they’ve chained him to the bed. You’re a bit relieved that they didn’t do that to you. Hopefully, that wasn’t solely because they lacked the extra chains.

The next patient is a woman. She’s rubbing her head and mumbling, looks half-asleep but conscious. You don’t recognize her, so she’s probably your best bet. No need to wake her, deal with chains, or risk messing with time more than you already have.

On the other hand, you’re a stranger and your uniform isn’t likely to be recognized. So you’ll have to handle this carefully.

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Wrap a bedsheet around your armor to cover up all the purple and then ask her if she heard anything about the pirates