Swamped Chapter 94 Page 11

It was on a pest control job. You don’t remember the details, just that there was a huge swarm of butterflies in Mantis’ makeshift church. Something about them getting diverted from their normal migration route.

Bigfoot had been asked to clear them out, and she was pretty miserable the whole time. It was bad enough that you risked asking about it; she said she didn’t much care for being in any sort of church, and then just went back to shouting orders and complaining.

But then you found the web on the wall behind the ceremonial flutes. There were loads of butterflies caught in it. And when you showed it to her, she smiled.

“Don’t mind a spider taking care of our work for us,” she laughed. She pointed right at it. “There’s the little fellow now. Eating up one of its prisoners. Now, see, that’s providence. When’s the last time you saw a god do as much for us as that little spider, hmm?”

At the time, you were confused about why she was so happy. She never seemed to care much for nature, or for violence unless she could be involved in it.

But after a while, you think you got it. She liked seeing unexpected favors. Most of them didn’t make her as happy as that one, but she always seemed a little bit less grumpy when someone did something she wanted before she actually issued the order.

Now the question is, what do you make of all that. Do you even approach her at all? And if so, how do you go about it?

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