Swamped Chapter 94 Page 6

“Because we’ve got the sort of people in the Marshguards whose first thought when they hear ‘crow’ is ‘crowbar’. So I went with Corvus to avoid that whole conversation happening over and over.” You pause briefly, and decide to go for honesty. Just leave out the full context for now. “As for why crow, well, I used to be a courier, and around when I arrived, they were setting up a system of messenger crows. So I went with that.”

“Messenger crows! Are you just playing with my head now?” she asks. “And if the Marshguards are as rough-and-tumble as you’re implying, what’s a courier doing there?”

“That has a lot to do with what I was delivering,” you say vaguely. “Not that it matters any more.”

Well, it kind of does, since your past self must be running around doing some of the dirty business you got away from. Of course, that past self is miles away.

Swallow looks annoyed, but puts away her notebook.

“Well. It’s probably a load of fish eggs, but I guess that’s all the answers I’m getting out of you right now. We’ll see what Mr. Resk thinks when he’s got time to attend to you properly.”

And with that, she leaves. You’re stuck here alone.

Now what?

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Think about the nigh endless miles upon miles of water churning around and below you.