Swamped Chapter 93 Page 9

“Decided by who, exactly?” you demand.

You’re not really sure what you hope to accomplish. But your instincts are telling you this is the time to assert authority, something you’ve had plenty of practice at.

“Goan has condemned your vessel. There is no escape. You cannot challenge the wrath of a god.”

“Goan’s no god I’ve ever heard of, and my mother was a minister,” you shoot back. “Now get down from there and tell me what in the hells is going on here.”

For a moment – just a moment – it looks like she might be trying to climb down. But suddenly, you hear a booming voice, and it seems to be coming from the hole.

“Viel! What is the delay? You’ve spent too long on land, your gills have grown weak. They won’t hold out long enough to let you leave that ship safely. Return at once!”

Gills? Is she a mermaid?

Well, you don’t have a lot of time to think about that. She’s looking up, and you think she’s starting to move. You managed to get a bit closer while she was distracted, but you don’t think it’s quite close enough to grab her.

So what do you do?

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Tell her to tell her boss that the authorities on this side wish to have a meeting of minds with her superiors or their duly appointed delegates.

If she stands still long enough to hear you out, nab her!