Swamped Chapter 93 Page 6

Right. You’d best get moving before you lose your chance. But there’s some things you want to make sure the crew can take care of if something happens to you.

You scrawl a quick note about the carcass, the feathers and handprints, along with orders not to disturb them if possible. Luckily, you write fast. You put it on top of the water tank. You wish there were a better place to put it, but it’s all you have at hand.

Then you start chasing the strange prints. They go back towards the floor after a bit. Seems the climber slowed down on the descent, because the path is nearly vertical.

Unfortunately, making out prints on the floor is a lot harder. You might be able to do it if you get down low enough, but that’s sure to be slower. Maybe there’s some other way you can pick up the trail again from here.

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There are only so many directions the fish duck monkey monster could have gone. And two of them ultimately lead past the same blind corner, the other side of which you can reach more quickly if you double back the way you came.

If you’re lucky, you’ll catch it as it goes by, otherwise you can check for prints there and see if you gambled correctly.