Swamped Chapter 93 Page 5

Of course, with magic there’s probably a good dozen ways to get into a water tank, or to disappear entirely. And you can’t rule out that it may have a role in this whole mess.

But that dart was only thrown a little while ago. And even if she pulled some kind of trick to throw it after already being out of the way… if you have time to cast a spell to shrink yourself, or pass through the outer shell of a water tank, or whatever, well, you probably have time to get rid of a feather trail.

Now, maybe she did. Maybe this trail’s been faked with magic. But… you don’t think so. You haven’t quite put the pieces together, but you know you’re seeing something a little off, something suggesting this place was tampered with. And not very long ago.

And suddenly, you catch it. A faint impression on the outer surface of the tank. A handprint.

But there’s something funny about it. It looks like there’s something in between the fingers. A little like a duck’s webbing.

Doesn’t really answer how she’d get in, though. Especially without disturbing a lot of water.

Well, what if she’s not in the tank, but she climbed on it?

You glance around, and see a few more of those faint prints high up on the wall. Even on the ceiling. You don’t think ducks can do that, but then, maybe the webbing’s not what lets her stick.

Well, this is a more concrete trail than the chicken feathers. But perhaps you should go back for help in following it. At least get a second opinion from someone with a more reliable mask, so you can tell if you’re hallucinating.

Then again, this might be your best chance to catch up to her. If she has an escape plan, going back might give her the time she needs to pull it off.

You’d best decide quickly what your next move is.

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Keep going. Like you said, there’s a chance she might escape.
Leave a note for your crew to guard the evidence and leave it untouched for further investigation.