Swamped Chapter 93 Page 2

Well. As Second Mate, you have a good deal of authority you can draw on here.

“Ms. Becky!” you call out. “We know you’re here. We have the area secure. We will find you eventually. However, if you show yourself now, I promise to hear you out before deciding on whether any punishment is warranted.”

You wait a little bit.

“If you do not accept within one minute, I will rescind the offer.”

You start counting down mentally. When about fifty seconds have passed, a paper dart suddenly falls in the hallway ahead.

You pick it up and unfold it.

It’s already over. The ship’s still going to sink. The water tanks were only about speeding it up.

What in the hells is that supposed to mean?

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Forget mutiny, sounds like you’ve got a murder-suicide cult on your hands.