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The biggest obstacle is just how hard it is to get around down here. Every damn hallway looks the same. You’ll need to be systematic.

Luckily, if there’s one thing this ship has no shortage of, it’s ropes. Takes only about three lengths to make a blockade that’s hard to get past without disturbing it, and a couple of bells ensure any disturbance will be noticed immediately.

You hope you find her quickly, though. You’d like to take these back sooner rather than later.

Unfortunately, ten hallways later you’ve gotten nowhere. You’d almost wonder if Mr. Lex imagined her, but Mr. Graham already confirmed the woman ran down here, and he left before the glaxin was released.

But you also picked the sailors guarding the exit yourself. They wouldn’t let her out, not even if she was the real Ms. Rebecca rather than a lookalike. And the sailor who saw Mr. Lex and Mr. Graham enter happened to watch the exit the whole time – no sign of anyone else until Mr. Graham ran out with Ms. Colleen. It wasn’t long after that the alarm sounded.

So unless she made another exit somehow, she should still be here. It’s just a matter of how long it takes to find her.

But it would be very helpful if you could think of a way to speed this up. With all the emergencies popping up lately, you’ve had to pull people off their breaks to do other tasks. The longer this takes, the longer that situation holds and the tension from it could build up to a mutiny.

Maybe there’s a more active approach you could be taking here.

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Perhaps you can cajole her out willingly by loudly delivering verbal guarantees of a fair hearing and protection.