Swamped Chapter 92 Page 8

You know a little bit about navigation, but most of that involves figuring out which direction you’re heading in when you’re outside. Down here, in the depths of a ship, it’s not so useful.

You do remember something about navigating mazes, but this place isn’t really designed as a maze. You aren’t sure following the walls would work.

Well, maybe you can try something similar. You walk to the end of the hallway, and follow the wall until you’re pretty sure you’re back at the hallway you started in. Then you cross to the next wall and go forward, turning at the next hallway.

Hopefully you see something recognizable in this process. Preferably not the bugs, though.

But you’re starting to get worried. You tripped that alarm some time ago. Shouldn’t you have heard someone come in by now?

At least the pumping sounds considerably quieter. Maybe the saboteur was scared off by the distant sound of bells. That or your hurried footsteps.

You don’t even hear the buzzing any more. That’s mostly a relief, but it’s also unsettling. It makes you start to wonder if you’ve gotten yourself far away from anything recognizable. The hallways certainly don’t seem to be looking very different, other than some of them having water tanks.

Wait, hold on. You think you just spotted something odd.

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A swamp chicken??