Swamped Chapter 92 Page 7

Well, you’ve still got one hand in your pocket. Which means you’ve got one weapon available.

You fling the wet sock at the mass of dead insects and run, screaming the whole time. You’ve got no clue what you’re seeing, but it’s surely nothing good.

It takes a good five minutes of running before you calm down. The damn thing doesn’t seem to have chased you, at least, but you’ve got no idea what it was.

And there’s a saboteur and a runaway down here. At least you managed to get the alarm sounding. Maybe you should try to meet up with whoever comes to investigate, so you can tell them what you know.

If, that is, you can figure out where you even are. You weren’t exactly thinking too hard about where you were running to.

How can you get your bearings again?

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Check the sun!

Using your trusty compass!
Sighting the stars!
Pick a direction,and walk in an outward-expanding spiral until you reach familiar territory?