Swamped Chapter 92 Page 4

You don’t know how to work the pumps, but you can see a wheel, and there’s only two ways a wheel can turn. You’ll figure it out.

It takes you a little bit, as it turns out. Seems there’s still a fair amount of slack. But you do figure out that you want to turn the wheel towards the right; hopefully any others you see will turn the same way.

But how many more are there? And how many is the saboteur going to turn while you’re trying to find them? You don’t know.

Would be damned useful if there were some more people down here. Maybe you should turn back… no, your gut is telling you otherwise.

Well. That’s all well and good, but your gut isn’t very good at giving you plans. Maybe you ought to think with your head a bit.

There’s bound to be some kind of alarm down here. If something goes wrong, the whole ship’s in danger, so there must be a way to send a warning.

Wait, that’s weird, isn’t it? This place is rarely checked. And the captain’s not one to take a chance like that. So what happens if something breaks and nobody’s around to notice?

Well, most likely water’s going to overflow. Maybe that sets off an alarm.

But water’s already overflowing. So what, does there need to be more water?

You don’t really like where this idea is taking you. It would mean making a bad situation worse. You’ll be better off figuring out a way to trip whatever alarm they’ve got without flooding the place faster. And you suppose that means thinking about where the alarm might even be.

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The floor must tilt somewhat to channel the flow of water to the alarm. If you spill enough, maybe you can follow it to the grate or drain and investigate it up close. It’s dark down here, though… Do you have something small that floats that you can let loose to see where the water is flowing?