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It’s time to go with your gut.

You don’t know for sure that Becky is one of the old crew. But if she was that involved in the party, she must know something about why so many of them were there.

“You ever think about how weird it is that this ship’s mostly a new crew?” you ask suddenly. “I mean, for a journey this long, I’d expect experienced sailors would be an asset.”

“Can’t say as it matters to me,” Becky replies. “I just took the job because I had nothing else to do for a few years, and it pays well.”

Now she seems just a little defensive. You think you may have gotten a bit closer to what she’s hiding. Time to keep this line of conversation going and see what you can get out of it.

“Yeah? Wasn’t like that for me. I was going to be a scholar, but things fell through at the last minute. Then again, hopefully I’ll learn a lot from seeing another continent with my own two eyes.” You glance at Graham. “How about you, what’d you do before coming here?”

“Worked at a tavern,” he says, almost smirking. “Main job was breaking up fights and kicking out rowdy customers. But I also worked behind the bar a couple of times, believe it or not.”

“So why’d you decide to sign on here?” you ask.

“Got thrown up on one too many times. Then I had trouble finding work for someone of my build. It was pretty much this or military service.”

Becky seems to have gone quiet. Maybe she’s hoping you’ve changed the subject.

“How about you, Becky?” you ask. “Did you have another job? Or were you looking at doing anything else before you came aboard?”

“What’s it matter? I thought you were asking about the party.”

“Oh, sorry. I suppose I’m just a curious sort. Probably why I was so keen on studying.”

“If you must know, I was in a theater troupe. They kicked me out suddenly, and I’ve lost interest in performing ever since. I also don’t particularly care to be reminded about it, so I hope that satisfies your curiosity enough to leave the subject alone.”

Something about her reply seems… insincere, in a way you can’t quite place. You’re not sure if this is getting you closer or farther from what you’re trying to figure out.

Maybe you need to take a moment to think about what to do next.

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