Swamped Chapter 91 Page 3

You can’t shake the idea that this lady’s important. You think looking into her is your best bet, and the laundry room is your one idea for how to do that.

“Think I’ll go asking around as to who that was,” you tell Graham. “Sorry to bother you.”

“Nah, it’s no big deal. Got a free shift right now anyhow.”

That’s odd.

“Right after the party? I thought everyone there went to work right afterwards.”

“Oh, right. There was a last-minute change of plans. The guy who was supposed to check for guests got sick or something. So a little bit before the storm, Lou asks if I can do it instead. I’ve got two free shifts and I usually just spend them being bored out of my mind anyways, so…” He pauses. “Hey, on that note, mind if I tag along? Got nothing better to do.”

“Sure,” you say. You don’t know how helpful he’ll be, but if nothing else you can ask him more questions along the way.

You hurry to the laundry room, and asking some basic questions along the way, you find out that Graham only recognized a few people. And out of those people, you only know about half the names. He says none of them seemed to be involved in organizing the party.

But there’s something that jumps out at you about the people you know there. They all have one particular thing in common.

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They were all part of the ship’s crew on its previous mission.