Swamped Chapter 91 Page 1

“Well, kind of funny thing, it was Ms. Rebecca. Didn’t know Lou knew someone that important.”

You give him a harsh look.

“Don’t mess with me. Ms. Rebecca’s been unconscious in the infirmary for some time now. Since around the end of the storm.”

“Really?” He seems surprised. “Well… she didn’t have her usual coat, now that I think about it, and she didn’t actually tell me her name. Figured she was just being less formal for a party, but maybe it was just someone who looked like her. Don’t know every face on this ship, after all.”

Hmm. Maybe, but you find it hard to believe that somebody could look like her without drawing attention. Unless this mystery sailor doesn’t normally let her hair down, perhaps.

Seems a hard lead to chase down, though, even if it is an intriguing one. Perhaps you can try to get more information about the “Rebecca” he saw? Or maybe another line of questioning entirely would be more productive.

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What was this person wearing?