Swamped Chapter 90 Page 3

“Well. You know how it is, out on the sea. We had a storm just today, could have lost someone,” you say, sounding a little sad. “I suppose I just wanted to reach out to some more people than I already knew, in case something happened to me. Wanted to be remembered.”

“Guess I can see that,” Lex says with a shrug. “Me, I don’t dwell on that sort of thing, but I can’t tell you not to.”

“It’s not that I normally do. I suppose…” You pause awkwardly. “Nah, never mind.”


“Well, it’s going to sound silly. But I had an unsettling dream a little while back. Ever since, I’ve just had this feeling like my time’s nearly up.”

Lex seems just a little bit suspicious. Then again, that’s what you’re aiming for.

“So you spent what you thought might be your last birthday eating stew?” he asks, somewhat skeptically.

“It wasn’t about the food. It was about the people. That’s all.”

Lex pauses a bit before saying anything else.

Then he follows up with a question you really should have seen coming.

“So how did things go with the people, then?”

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Kind of awkward, to be honest!