Swamped Chapter 89 Page 10

“If you walk all the way down there, you might collapse, just like the navigator did. Best that you stay right here for now. Billie! Fetch a glass of water. Nails! Go tell Donnie to get a bed ready for another glaxin patient.”

“There’s a long line at Donnie’s, though,” you say, somewhat dazed. Is he actually worried about you?

“Right, best to pass him a note, then,” Resk says, quickly pulling out a notepad and scrawling on it. He hands it to the carpenter. “There you are, Nails. Give that to Donnie so he knows to be ready. And send some strong sailors up here on your way so they can carry her.”

The carpenter salutes and runs off.

“Wish we had some damn stretchers,” Resk mutters. “Yeah, we’ve got plenty of strong sailors, but when one of those strong sailors needs to be carried, we need three or four more for that job. A good stretcher could cut that down to two. Better put Mr. Lex on that when he gets done in there.”

Now you know why things seemed so off, he didn’t call anyone Mr. or the like. You suppose he was just in a hurry.

Well. Seems you’re stuck here for a little while, with not much to do except talk to Resk. Of course, he’s not the sort to start on small talk.

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Who else was at the party?