Swamped Chapter 89 Page 7

Resk pulls a small bottle out of his pocket. He opens it up to reveal an odd powder.

“From what I understand, Ms. Rebecca never used this closet. The navigator opened it during the cleaning attempt.” He sprinkles the powder over the knob. “And you all wouldn’t have opened it because of the box inside. So chances are, the only other person to touch the knob is our culprit.”

Small prints show up on the knob.

“These are ‘fingerprints’,” Resk explains. “New idea getting some interest back home just before we left. They say everyone’s prints are unique. Of course, it’d take days to check the whole crew, but they can help with confirming suspects…”

He takes a closer look.

“Then again, some things you don’t even need to examine that closely,” he continues. “Look at these tiny marks here. You know what those are?”

You shake your head.

“Grebling claw marks. That narrows our suspect list quite a bit. Unfortunately I don’t think we can tell one grebling from another by the claw marks, but that’s a pretty good place to start.” He seems almost satisfied. “Right, we’re done here for now.”

He starts to walk out. You’re just about to follow when something catches your eye.

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