Swamped Chapter 88 Page 12

“So, you think the Captain’s going to join in? We’ve had a lot going on lately and he might opt to invite himself to the party if it gets to be too much. It’s his ship, after all.”

Colleen laughs nervously.

“I heard he poked his head in about an hour ago. Didn’t have any stew, though. Just grabbed a drink, talked with a few of the guests, and left. Guess he was too busy for more than that.”

Hmm. So it’s probably not a mutiny, then. Still quite strange.

“Who’d you hear that from? Someone who left early?”

“Ah, yeah, that’d be it. Someone left through this door and commented on it. I don’t think I know her name, though.”

The look on her face makes it clear she wasn’t expecting to answer that. Seems you’re getting very close to something. Whoever told her that was probably someone she doesn’t want to admit to talking to.

So where do you go from here?

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Back to the doc, I guess! Maybe a burnt onion can help the navigator, if not clear up the rest of the gas.