Swamped Chapter 88 Page 9

“I guess the gas has me a little worried,” you explain. “Somebody had to put it in there, right? Which means somebody in the crew, unless someone snuck onto a ship this far out from any port.”

“And you think whoever that is might have gone after Lex?” Colleen asks. “It’d mean they’d have to know he was looking into the gas. Who’d you tell?”

“Let’s see… we were working with a sailor called Billie, and I guess there’s a few others who were in the room and might have overheard us. Other than that, there’s just you, the cook, and the man who opened the door the first time. Oh, but it sounded like he’d been talking with the medic earlier…”

Odd, she doesn’t seem to react much until you mention the sailor who opened the door. Then she seems a little worried. Time to press.

“Now that I think about it, I didn’t see that sailor when I went into the kitchen. There was a different one. I wonder what he was doing? Maybe he’d finished up and was joining the party?”

“Could be,” Colleen says quickly. “Or they could be taking shifts… in which case I want to know why nobody took over for me. I think I’m gonna have to ask Lou about that when this is over.”

She’s very clearly trying to change the subject. You think you’re getting somewhere.

So where do you take this conversation from here?

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Fashion. Did you see what Lou was wearing?