Swamped Chapter 88 Page 8

Though, you’ve got a few concerns that she wouldn’t know anything about. Lex should have been back by now, and you’re starting to wonder if he’s the one who rang the navigator’s bell.

Well, you can start with his absence, you suppose. Maybe you can lead that conversation somewhere interesting.

“Lex isn’t back? That’s odd. It shouldn’t take that long to get to the infirmary and back.”

“Well, you had him ask Donnie for somethin’, right? Maybe that’s just takin’ a while,” Colleen suggests.

“I just had him ask for a note.”

“Yeah, but maybe he can’t take the request. Could’ve had a new patient he had to tend to first, for instance. And, an official note like that would probably be hard for him to hand off to someone else, since the whole point’s to have the medic vouch for it, right? At the least he’d have to read it over and sign his name to it, I figure.”

“I guess that makes sense,” you agree. But you aren’t quite convinced.

“What, you think something else happened?”

Hmm, this might be a good opening to lead this conversation somewhere. You just need to pose a theory where Colleen’s reaction might tell you something, or perhaps lead to a different topic.

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You suppose you’re just anxious about people going missing around here.

If someone planted the gas intentionally, it implicates crew involvement. If someone is acting against the best interests of the expedition, they may be ready to take other overt actions now that the gas incident has happened and the crew is on the lookout for the culprit, forcing their hand.

All of this is to say, you’re worried.