Swamped Chapter 88 Page 5

You happen to glance down at your paring knife and catch a glimpse of your reflection. Not a very clear one, due to the shape of it, but it’s enough to give you an idea.

Maybe a spoon would work better. You grab one and wander for a bit so the sailor is within sight. Then you try to angle the spoon to catch the paper he’s holding up.

It’s not easy to read like this. You can only catch a little bit of it.

In the name of Goan…

Goan? Who’s Goan? With the fancy way it’s phrased, you’d think they were some kind of god or monarch or the like. But not one you’ve ever heard of.

Maybe it’s just a codeword. Still, something about it makes you feel uneasy about this whole mess, even more than you did before you knew anything.

If it is some obscure piece of history, though, Wiz is the most likely one to know what it means. So you’ve got enough info to do something now. Question is, do you go back to peeling carrots and just leave when you get the chance, or do you try to find out more?

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This is more than enough, best not to lose your cover now.