Swamped Chapter 88 Page 2

Well. Whatever you’re going to do, it will be easier if you look around the area first. As long as you’re in the kitchen, you can always claim you’re having trouble finding the paring knife. It’s if you go poking around in the galley that you’ll have problems.

The kitchen is fairly large. It’s effectively two rooms, with a wall partitioning them from each other. The side you’re on has the stove and the dishes, as well as the cleaning station. The other side leads to the galley and the pantry and has some tables. It’s mainly used for just laying ingredients out to make sure there’s enough before starting on the cooking.

Actually, now that you think about it, you usually do the peeling at those tables. Odd that the carrots are over here. Unless that’s where the chef was handling the “favors?”

You take a quick glance. One of the tables has something on it, but a cloth’s been hastily thrown over it. If you were to sneak a peek under the cloth, that might tell you a lot.

But you also see a sailor sitting down at the other table. His back is turned, so he hasn’t noticed you. You also notice that the door to the galley is closed – when you’ve helped out in here before, it’s always been open.

How should you handle this?

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Pocket a burnt onion.

Look under the cloth, ostensibly for a cutting board.