Swamped Chapter 87 Page 15

“Hold on, I could try to take care of whatever you’re busy with here. I’ve helped you in the kitchen before, haven’t I?”

The cook glares at you for a moment.

“It’s not cooking I’m busy with. They’ve already been served and dinner’s not for a while yet. So I’ve been stuck making…” He pauses. “Party favors,” he concludes. “And I can’t leave that in just anyone’s hands.”

“What sort of party favors?”

“I don’t have time to discuss that. I have to go see the navigator.”

“Oh, come on, Bruce,” Colleen interjects. “Sally’s a hard worker, I think we can let her help out a bit. If not with the favors, then maybe with peeling potatoes or something? Then you can work on the favors when you’d normally be peeling potatoes.”

The cook mulls this over.

“Potatoes don’t take so long. Carrots are another matter,” he says. “Should still be about half a sack left out there, I’ll be needing all of ’em for stew tonight. Don’t touch anything else.”

“Got it,” you reply. “I’m happy to help out.”

“Good. Now I really need to get moving.”

He lets you through the door and runs off. You made it in.

But there’s no telling when he’ll be back, especially once he finds out the navigator’s not there. So you’d better make this quick, and preferably get started on the carrots before he returns.

You don’t see anybody in the kitchen right now. So what should you start investigating?

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That smoky smell!