Swamped Chapter 87 Page 14

You think you might be pushing things a little too hard. If you probe harder she may think it’s more than idle curiosity.

“Well, if they have any cake left over, see if you can secure a piece for me, all right?”

“Ha! I already asked if I had a shot at the leftovers. But it turns out that they’re just having the usual stew. Not even because the cook insisted, but get this, Lou says it’s his favorite.”

How about that, turns out you got some more info after all. Not that you’re sure about what it means.

Well… one thing it means is they’re eating before everyone else does. Which would leave the lot of them free at dinnertime without raising any suspicion. And, for that matter, if the cook were in on the scheme, it would be easy to put something in everyone else’s food…

The door suddenly opens. The cook comes out, looking particularly surly.

Damn, and Lex isn’t here. Well, you’ll say what you remember.

“Hey! Are you here about our message?”

“Don’t have time,” the cook growls. “Navigator just called me for some reason. When I’m already busy. Hells, what a pain.”

The navigator? Did Lex take your suggestion as a cue to ring the bell? Or did someone else do it? Either way, that plan’s shot now, since there’s no way you can slip in unseen with both Colleen and the cook here.

Well, hold on. You might not be able to sneak in, but maybe you can talk the chef into letting you in. But you’ll have to make your pitch quick.

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