Swamped Chapter 87 Page 8

The funny thing is, you almost missed it. You were so focused on searching for something in the kitchen that you didn’t think to look at the sailor himself. But you’re glancing at him now, as he’s shutting the door, and you notice that he’s keeping one arm behind his back.

He’s holding something there, and he seems to be struggling to keep his arm still. Perhaps it’s something unwieldy.

Could it be a weapon? That might be why he’d be unwilling to drop it.

Maybe you can stall him and try to get a better look.

“Hold on. There’s just one more thing,” you say. You aren’t sure what that “one more thing is” yet, but it’ll hopefully keep him talking just a little longer.

He looks really annoyed when you say that.

“I don’t care what your ‘one more thing’ is. I wasn’t even supposed to do this much.”

He looks about ready to slam the door on you. But you still haven’t figured out what he’s hiding. You’ve got to think of a way to keep the conversation going until you can.

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His shoe is unbuttoned, maybe you can slowly point that out to him.