Swamped Chapter 87 Page 5

You try to think about what you know about other ways into the galley.

The actual kitchen has a separate entrance, but the cook keeps that locked.

There’s gaps under the floorboards, but you’re too big to squeeze into them. Maybe a grebling could manage it, but there’s hardly any of them in the crew. Mostly they handle the rigging, since they’re the best climbers. Regardless, you don’t know any of them very well, so that doesn’t seem too promising.

Well, you don’t need to get in; you just need to be able to listen. For that, a hole in the wall would probably be good enough… but it would be hard to make one without being noticed. If there were one already, that would be another matter…

Wait. The bells. The officers all have a bunch of bells they use to contact each other. You don’t know the details, but you’ve seen them, and they have strings that go into the walls. Probably the strings go through the whole ship.

Would you really be able to listen in through the holes the strings go through? That seems a bit unlikely. It’d be a way to get the cook’s attention, though… and maybe you could slip into the kitchen when they left.

You share your musings with Lex.

“That sounds good, but two problems. First off, we’d have to ring somebody else’s bell to get the cook to come. Which means trouble if we’re caught.”

“The navigator’s going to be in the infirmary for a while. That’s probably the safest option; the cook probably hasn’t heard yet, so won’t think anything’s up.”

“Okay, that sounds workable,” Lex agrees. “But problem two: if the cook’s in on whatever’s happening, then that door’s likely under guard. In which case it’d be no better than going in the main entrance.”

So you’re going to need a plan to deal with that. You give it some thought.

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