Swamped Chapter 87 Page 3

“You know, we could ask about the onions,” Billie notes. “I mean, the cook’s not going to like it, but, where are we using pipes other than the stove? Seems they’d be less happy about dismantling the stove and raiding the spare parts store, assuming that even gets us enough.”

“Suppose I’d best bring it up,” Lex says. “I mean, if we do end up using the pipes, we’ll still probably want to cook up some onion to clear them out. And I don’t think either of you understand it well enough to explain it.”

You can’t speak for Billie, but for your part you have to agree.

“Come to think of it, the cook’s probably our best source for the bag, too. Most of the food’s kept in big, waterproof sacks, isn’t it?” you muse. “I’ll go with you and help carry stuff if it’s needed. Billie, you talk to the carpenter in case we still need to go with that plan.”

“Works for me,” Billie says. “Good luck to you.”

You head off with Lex to the galley. It’s a relief to get the damned breather mask off. Even carrying it around is a pain. You’re glad these aren’t something you have to deal with every day.

Hmm? There’s a lot of sailors at the galley, but it’s not a scheduled mealtime. What’s all the ruckus about?

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Is some kind of meeting among the non-commissioned crew. Whatever it is, they don’t want you listening in until you’ve proven you can be trusted.