Swamped Chapter 87 Page 2

“What if we made a hole in the door, and had some piping to carry it to the nearest porthole?”

The big sailor looks thoughtful.

“Problem there is that we’ve got gas outside. Which means the crew out on deck is at risk. Can’t exactly predict where that stuff will spread.”

“Seems like a better idea than boiling up onions to me, though,” Billie says. “Maybe if we had a big, thick bag to hold the smoke in we could make it work. How’s that sound to you, Lex?”

The big sailor starts nodding.

“Yeah… well, I don’t know how much smoke we’d need to hold, but it shouldn’t be a problem if we have the bag out the porthole. Okay, this is a decent start.”

He starts pacing around.

“Looks like we need… about twelve feet of piping? And the bag… well, it just has to have as much space in the closet. We’ll need to check the floor plans for that… ‘course, we also need material. Hmm, and it would be good if we had some way to see into the closet so we can tell if it’s working…”

“Seems to me the easiest way to do that is to ask the wizard,” you say.

“I already asked him for help, since I figured he could probably magic away the smoke,” Billie says, somewhat annoyed. “Apparently he can’t spare the time.”

“Well, we’ve already got to make a hole for the pipe without letting any gas out,” Lex muses. “Could put in some glass the same way. We should see if the carpenter knows how to do that. He ought to have access to the ship’s plans, too.”

“Okay, so we need piping, we need a large bag, and we need to see the carpenter,” you conclude. “There’s three of us, so it probably makes the most sense to split up. Who’s doing what, then?”

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Well all that stuff is probably coming from the galley, so someone can check on the onion situation while they’re there. Maybe the cook will take more kindly to losing a few onions than to losing a bunch of stove pipe and watertight burlap.