Swamped Chapter 86 Page 11

“So far, we’ve mostly been in well-traveled territory. Trade routes with various islands, mainly, with a few patches of ocean filled in by various exploration attempts. But we’re nearing the point where Faron’s our only source, and a lot of time has passed since that voyage. Landmarks might have been destroyed by storms, or sunk beneath the waves.”

You can’t really respond, so you just look blankly ahead as the captain continues.

“So at this point, you’re not just making maps for us. You’re making maps for the next ship to take on this journey. Remember, we’re not just doing this for pleasure. Our sponsor hopes that the Alexandria will be just the first of many ships making voyages between the continents. And that makes your job especially important. Once you’ve recovered, I want you to emphasize not just figuring out a route, but also tracking changes from the old map. Do I make myself clear?”

You ring the bell once.

“Good. May Pasha grant you a swift recovery.”

And with that, the captain leaves. Donnie lets out a sigh of relief.

“I know it’s his ship, but he could really stand to learn a bit about leaving others to do their own work.” Donnie glances at you. “I was about to mention this before the Captain interrupted, but I left the Graelandic books by your bed. I know you were only interested in the one, but I figured, it’s not like you’ll have much else to do other than sleep. And it’s going to be hard for you to make requests with only that bell. Although, if you do want anything, I’m willing to help you figure out how to communicate what it is.”

Hmm. Well, you suppose you should think about if there’s anything you want before responding to that.

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