Swamped Chapter 86 Page 8

Just as you’re getting ready to answer, you realize he isn’t there.

No one’s there. The crowd of sailors cleaning up is gone. You’re just alone on this ship.

Alone except for… a strange shape at the far end of the deck. It’s vaguely human, but something’s off… And now that’s gone, too.

Then, suddenly, you’re staring the wizard in the face.

“Well,” you say, “I think I might be having hallucinations. Just now, I couldn’t see anyone at all.”

“Hallucinations? If you were seeing things because of a spell, that would be light magic. The spell I cast on you is mainly earth, it shouldn’t cause hallucinations.” He looks thoughtful. “Not on its own, anyway… you did mention something about gas earlier?”

“Yeah, uh… Donnie said it was glaxin or something? Why, you think that matters?”

“I suppose if there’s still traces of it in your body, the spell might have affected how it flows. Can’t say for sure. Is this the first time this has happened?”

“Um, third. Once just before I passed out, and the second time was when I was looking through the eyepiece up on the mast.”

“You didn’t mention anything was wrong up there.”

“It only lasted a moment. There’s a rock formation that looks like a C, for a moment I thought I saw other letters too. I figured I was just tired.”

Wiz looks concerned.

“You’d definitely better get to the infirmary, then. You there, sailor!”

The sailor salutes.

“Name’s Sally, sir!”

“No surname?”

“No, sir!”

“Well, Sally. Since the cleanup seems to be under control, I’d recommend you escort our poor navigator here to the infirmary.”

“I can make it on my own just fine,” you protest.

“I’d prefer not to take chances. Can’t have you hurting yourself before you even get treated, can we? Meanwhile, I need to speak with the captain.”

“Yes, sir,” you sigh as he walks off.

“You still look pretty winded,” Sally says. “So no rush just yet. Let me know when you’re ready to get going.”

“Thanks,” you say. You don’t really like having an escort, but you don’t have much say in the matter at this point.

You lean back, trying to relax as best you can. You close your eyes for a minute.

Then, when you open them, you see something strange again.

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It’s Sally, doing something unusual or suspicious, and she doesn’t know you’re watching her.