Swamped Chapter 86 Page 7

“I think I’m fine for now. Just a little disoriented. Once that clears up, I’ll go and take a rest. I was already supposed to be doing that, but I had to get the wizard a map.”

“A map?” She looks a little confused.

“He needs it for the warding ritual. I think he explained the details to me the first time, but that was months ago so I’ve forgotten most of it. Um, I suppose he’ll be handing it back, so I’ll be waiting for him to come down. But I don’t need anything in particular right now.”

“If you’re sure. You’re looking a bit pale. Maybe you should see the medic?”

“I think I should talk to the wizard first. I doubt the medic can help much with anything the spell did, so it would be good to clear up what’s going on there.”

She nods, then glances towards the mast.

“Looks like he’s heading down, so, that’ll be soon enough. I suppose I might as well stick around in case he suggests fetching anything.”

She stands off to one side. You appreciate the concern – a lot of the sailors here take a “deal with it yourself” approach to other people’s problems.

A few minutes later, the wizard walks over. He doesn’t look happy.

“Here’s your map back,” he says. “Next time, try not to take so long, all right?”

“I was unconscious and nobody reminded me,” you grumble. “Why did I even need to be up there?”

“Didn’t I explain? It’s easier for me to cast the ward if the map-maker is close by. Good stroke of luck I cast that spell on you, the slow fall kept you in range for most of it.”

He probably did explain. But you’re not going to press the point right now.

“Speaking of that spell, what exactly did it do?”

“Oh, it reduces the effect of gravity on you. Makes you a lot easier to lift, and as a side effect, you fall slower. It should have faded to about half effect by now, and in another ten minutes you’ll barely notice anything. Though it takes an hour to completely wear off, but that only matters if I were going to cast another spell that it might interfere with.”

You aren’t really taking that in.

“Would it make me sick? Because I don’t feel so great and I can’t tell how much is the spell and how much is the fall.”

“It shouldn’t. It’s just ether. Doesn’t tend to stay in your body long unless you’re a wizard. Why, does something in particular feel wrong?”

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Well, everything around me seems to be flickering in and out of existence.