Swamped Chapter 86 Page 6

Maybe that rope trick you just saw can help out here.

“Someone toss me a rope!” you shout.

You’re not really prepared for how quickly you get a response. You soon find a rope looping itself around your arm. The sailor on the other end looks perplexed.

“Shouldn’t you have hit the ground by now?” she asks.

“Um, I think the wizard had something to do with that. And I’m not sure how long it’s going to last. Could you lead me closer to something solid? The rigging, the mast, anything really.”

She pulls on the rope, and you feel yourself falling a bit faster as she does. But she does manage to pull you towards the rigging. You start climbing down as best you can.

As soon as you reach ground, you see a bright flash of light from the top of the mast. That probably means the ward is done.

And you still feel dizzy. Donnie’s probably going to flip when he hears about this. The captain might, too.

But at least everything seems calm for a moment. No storm, no sea beasts, no magic. Even the boat seems to be rocking less than usual.

Which you’re grateful for. You don’t usually get seasick, but you think that fall has unsettled your stomach a bit.

The sailor holding the rope walks up to you.

“You okay there?”

“Not really,” you mutter. “Not having the best of days here. Thanks for helping me down, though.”

“You need anything?”

You’re going to need to think about that.

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Not now, but I could use a companion for dice games at shift end. And maybe sometime you can show me some rope tricks so I can be more useful around here.