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You can’t waste any more time. Even if you are still dizzy. You’ve got to take care of this.

You get up, grab your partial chart, and head to the main deck. The skies are clear now, just as you figured.

And the wizard is standing by the main mast, looking real impatient.

“The storm ended fifteen minutes ago. Where have you been?”

“Sorry, Wiz. Got knocked out by some gas, just got out of the infirmary. Donnie gave me orders to rest.”

The captain was clear on one point when you signed on: the wizard never gets called by name. Supposed to be bad luck on a voyage, or something. So, everyone just calls him Wiz. He doesn’t seem to mind.

“Well, at least there’s still some residual ether left,” Wiz grumbles. “Better than nothing, I suppose. Can you climb?”

“Not sure,” you admit sheepishly.

“Lightweight,” Wiz says, tapping you with his staff. It takes you a moment to realize it’s a spell and not an insult. In that time, he turns around and points to his shoulders. You grab on, and he lifts you effortlessly onto his back, then starts climbing up the mast.

You still don’t feel great, but at least you’re not the one who has to handle the climbing. When he finally reaches the nest, he puts you down.


You hand it over. He begins chanting. Meanwhile, you suppose this is the time to survey the area. You turn to the scout.

“Can I have a look through the eyepiece?”

The scout shrugs and hands it over. You put it over your eye and start looking for points of interest.

It’s not long before you spot one.

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It’s the word CALASKATHA! But on second glance, no, it’s not that at all.