Swamped Chapter 85 Page 7

The thin object turns out to be on the chart you picked up. A very thin strip of paper, almost perfectly blending in. It seems to be stuck there, but a corner’s come loose.

You start pulling on the corner and the paper comes off, revealing an island. There’s markings around it indicating rough shoals.

This is very strange. This chart’s been in here for months! Why is this island hidden at all, and why is this paper only showing up now? You glance at the paper itself to see if there’s any clue.

Well. There’s a word. You can’t identify the language clearly, but it’s in Aedran script so the letters are obvious enough.

It says, CALASKATHA. Is that the name of the island? Or does it mean something else?

Where is this even a chart of? It’s not one you’ve been using lately, after all, and it’s not labeled in Graelandic, so it takes you a moment to recognize what it’s showing you.

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Strangely enough, it’s a meteorological map of a desert continent. Makes it even stranger that it would depict an “island” on dry land…